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  Studio:  Staxus Star(s):  Jaro Stone, Rodion Taxa Director’s Notes: After a very hot foot rub, Jaro makes his way up Rodion’s body till he’s greeted by Rodion’d bulging jockstrap, which he can only take a further look, and ultimately taste of! Rodion notices at this stage that Jaro is…(Read More)

  Studio:  Staxus Star(s):  Rob Bisset, Jake Hurley Director’s Notes: These boys are set on a well-known sofa to us, which by now is covered in cum from different twinks who have had sex on it over the years, this clearly doesn’t go unnoticed, and would appear to make these boys…(Read More)

Staxus: Joel Tamir barebacks fucks Daniel Hausser.

by @ Gay Porn Universe

  Studio:  Staxus Star(s):  Daniel Hausser, Joel Tamir Director’s Notes: Daniel is very happy to see Joel after a while since seeing eachother, and Joel with an arkward call from his mum steps out of the room, Daniel notices another type of vibration coming from the bedside table, and to no surprise it…(Read More)

Staxus: David Skala bareback fucks Adrian Bennet.

by @ Gay Porn Universe

  Studio:  Staxus Star(s):  Adrian Bennet, David Skala Director’s Notes: It’s hard to avoid the attraction that some of these twinks have between each other, and it’s no surprise that these are cock hungry little devils. What better than after putting away wood to get some! Adrian is quick to get…(Read More)

Staxus: Hottie Ethan Wilder drills into cute Ray Rio.

by @ Gay Porn Universe

  Studio:  Staxus Star(s):  Ray Rio, Ethan Wilder Director’s Notes: Summer is here, and our boys do love to suck on an icecream to insinuate themselves to one another. Ethan has got Ray’s attention, and he, in return is going to get to try a different type of popsicle! Ethan has one…(Read More)