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  Studio:  Sean Cody Star(s):  Archie, Lachlan Director’s Notes: Archie’s bulge is looking extra nice today, so much that the Sean Cody team and his scene partner Lachlan can’t help but take notice. Archie gives Lachlan’s bulge some admiration right back, especially when he discovers the muscular top also sports…(Read More)

  Studio:  Sean Cody Star(s):  Ayden, Sean Director’s Notes: “We’re paired together, this should be exciting,” says buff, tatted-up Sean Cody regular Sean as he strolls outdoors with adorable Ayden. The cute bottom says he’s been waiting for this day for a long time. “Finally! I’m his biggest fan…(Read More)

  Studio:  Sean Cody Star(s):  Cole, Randy Director’s Notes: Cole wants a taste of Randy’s big dick! The handsome bottom slowly kisses down Randy’s neck and chest, then drops to his knees to kiss the top’s stomach before finally sucking that big cock. “You ready for this?” Randy asks as…(Read More)