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  Studio:  Next Door Buddies Star(s):  Dane Colle, Michael Jackman, Jake Porter Director’s Notes: Michael Jackman’s rental application looks good, in theory: good references, a solid rental history, no reports or incidents to speak of… all in all he’s a solid candidate, and when Dante Colle and Jake Porter meet him…(Read More)

  Studio:  Next Door Buddies Star(s):  Will Braun, Jake Porter, Princeton Price Director’s Notes: After a fun afternoon in Will Braun’s uncle’s prop shop, they guys have their costumes for the Halloween party all picked out, but in the course of modeling their different ensembles, the three of them have gotten…(Read More)

  Studio:  Next Door Buddies Star(s):  Chris Blades, Princeton Price, Roman Todd Director’s Notes: Roman Todd knows his step-brother is nosy, but there’s nothing he can really do to keep him from spying, so Roman figures ‘why fight it?’ Boy toy Princeton Price is definitely into sharing, so when Roman sees…(Read More)