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  Studio:  Mormon Boyz Star(s):  Elder Ence (Michael Del Ray), President Skye (Manuel Skye) Director’s Notes: This week, after a long absence, a popular missionary returns for more! Elder Ence (Michael Del Ray) meets a brand new member of The Order, muscle daddy President Skye (Manuel Skye). The young man is put charge…(Read More)

  Studio:  Mormon Boyz Star(s):  Elder Clarke, President Lewis Director’s Notes: Teen angel Elder Clarke submits to hot daddy President Lewis (Joel Someone) this week in The Calling. The boy is just to the older man’s taste: blonde, petite and very young. After an invasive inspection of the boy’s body, the…(Read More)

  Studio:  Mormon Boyz Star(s):  Elder Clarke, President Lewis Director’s Notes: Elder Clarke doesn’t know President Lewis very well. In fact, they never met before Clarke was called to the temple to speak with him. Understandably, the young boy was hesitant and nervous to answer the older man’s questions, especially when…(Read More)

  Studio:  Mormon Boyz Star(s):  Elder Clarke, Elder Hansen, Elder Jones Director’s Notes: Elder Jones has formed a strong, new bond with his new companion, Elder Clarke, but he still misses his previous companion, Elder Hansen. Jones hasn’t seen much of Hansen since they were split up, but thanks to bad stomach…(Read More)

Mormon Boyz: President Lee manhandles sexy Elder Addison.

by @ Gay Porn Universe

  Studio:  Mormon Boyz Star(s):  Elder Addison, President Lee Director’s Notes: Elder Addison has proven himself to be a loyal and obedient missionary, not only upholding the morals and virtues of the church, but having the heart and spirit to do whatever his leaders ask of him. President Lee is granted the honor…(Read More)