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  Studio: Gods of Men Star(s):  Michael Boston, Diego Sans Director’s Notes: Michael Boston has been looking forward to shooting with Diego Sans for a while, because Diego is everything Michael finds sexually irresistible: passionate, intimate, and, of course, physically phenomenal! Michael shares a few of his biggest turnons that he…(Read More)

  Studio: Drill My Hole Star(s):  Ty Mitchell, William Seed Director’s Notes: Ty Mitchell’s boring grocery store job gets a lot more exciting when he spots muscular hunk William Seed doing his shopping! William’s muscle ass and huge bulge in his sweatpants are so distracting, Ty drops his basket…(Read More)

  Studio: Drill My Hole Star(s):  Tom Bentley, Joey Mills Director’s Notes: When pop sensation Joey Mills races into Tom Bentley’s barbershop for a trim, the famous twink won’t even hold still, let alone put down his guitar, so Tom shows Joey that at least in his shop, he…(Read More)