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  Studio:  Helix Studios Star(s):  Parker Grant, Ashton Summers Director’s Notes: Parker Grant, and Ashton Summers smolder in front of a raging hot fire, sparking flames of desire between the two. The gorgeous guys loose themselves in the erotic ambience, cozying up with flirty conversation, which touches on pretty boy Parker’s dance…(Read More)

  Studio:  Helix Studios Star(s):  Aiden Garcia, Travis Stevens Director’s Notes: Muscle twunk, Travis Stevens takes the lead, lending his luscious lips to latin lover Aiden Garcia‘s uncut groin for a deep throated-delicious dick swallowing opener. After feeding the fired up, fellatio fiend within, Stevens settles into a sultry hot, 69…(Read More)

  Studio:  Helix Studios Star(s):  Parker Grant, Travis Stevens Director’s Notes: With his leading man good looks, and chiseled features, Parker Grant is poised to take the porn world by storm! Travis Stevens has the honor of introducing the freshest, new member of our Helix family to the masses; and, he dives deep…(Read More)

  Studio:  Helix Studios Star(s):  Jacob Hansen, Andy Taylor Director’s Notes: To say Andy Taylor, and Jacob Hansen are into each other is an understatement. Their contagious chemistry seeps from the scene, as the two twink superstars settle into a smokin’ hot snog-straddle complete with Andy getting that incredible ass paddled! After…(Read More)

  Studio:  Helix Studios Star(s):  Alex Riley, Tyler Sweet, Ashton Summers Director’s Notes: Flanked by beautiful bookends, Ashton Summers and Alex Riley, Tyler Sweet is a succulent stud snack; and, he revels in the erotic attention. The bronze skinned brunettes sample Sweet’s delectable flesh, as the horny thrupple share in a three…(Read More)

  Studio:  Helix Studios Star(s):  Ashtin Bates Director’s Notes: Blazing as hot as the fire that burns beside him, illuminating his tattooed, twenty two year old flesh, Ashtin Bates smolders in this scorching hot, solo stroke session. With cock sure confidence, the superstar bad boy puts on an incredible, ember lit show. Bates…(Read More)