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  Studio:  Corbin Fisher Star(s):  Beau, Max Director’s Notes: Max and Beau have a special treat for you, to kick off your Halloween festivities! What starts out as some harmless, innocent fun – carving their Halloween pumpkins, hanging out together, and each just being as endearing as possible (while wonderfully shirtless!) – ends up with…(Read More)

  Studio:  Corbin Fisher Star(s):  Beau, Rocky Director’s Notes: One of the most exciting parts about getting to know the guys here at CF is seeing them figure out what really gets them off and develop their talents. Beau is a great example of that, because he’s grown from someone who was…(Read More)

  Studio:  Corbin Fisher Star(s):  Kellan, Lane Director’s Notes: It’s always a big deal when a Dean’s List honoree returns, but it’s a special treat for us (and for Lane, and especially for you!) that The Upperclassman, Kellan, is back on campus! Kellan is intensely charming, endlessly handsome, and his…(Read More)