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  Studio:  Chaos Men Star(s):  Dietrick, Epsen Director’s Notes: Dietrich definitely has a thing for younger Twinks with big cocks. I scored high points with him when I had set him up with his first video with James Dawn. This time, I hooked him up with perennial favorite Twink, Espen. Dietrich dives ride…(Read More)

  Studio:  Chaos Men Star(s):  Kyle Wyncrest Director’s Notes: Kyle Wyncrest has a wicked smile! He used to do camming, which got tiring for him after a while. He thought he would try some porn. Kyle is another guy who is mostly into women, but he has had a couple instances with trans…(Read More)

  Studio:  Chaos Men Star(s):  Clinton, Epsen Director’s Notes: Clinton is Bi, and watched straight porn for both these videos, but he sure looked comfortable sucking dick. He knows what he is doing! Espen said he has been hooking up with guys more often, and though he is still young, I am not…(Read More)

Chaos Men: Bad boy Wright gets edged by James Dawn.

by @ Gay Porn Universe

  Studio:  Chaos Men Star(s):  James Dawn, Wright Director’s Notes: James Dawn likes E-Stim or electrical play. I actually purchased the same one he has at home so he would be familiar with how it works. It’s not as strong or painful as you would imagine. It tingles more than painful…(Read More)