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  Studio:  All Australian Boys Star(s):  Chris Director’s Notes: Chris is a 18 yo apprentice tradie from the Melbourne burbs. Fresh out of school last year and onto AAB this. Out of all the guys we have featured the photographer said his sexuality was palpable when he pulled his huge . . cock out of…(Read More)

  Studio:  All Australian Boys Star(s):  Mitch Director’s Notes: Mitch is a real All Aussie Boy ,playing Rugby at a high level and being from Townsville in Far North Queensland. He is a hot straight boy with a good body and good attitude at match. Don’t miss country jock Mitch. He was…(Read More)

  Studio:  All Australian Boys Star(s):  Zac Director’s Notes: Zac is a naturally good look young man 18, now living in Cairns in North Queensland. He loves the warm there after the cold of his native Germany where it can get down to -30C. His youthful good looks and body shaped by many…(Read More)

  Studio:  All Australian Boys Star(s):  Bailey, Sean Director’s Notes: Comp swimmer Bailey loves getting fucked hard and fast by hot and horny men! He also likes getting sucked – just like all 18yo Gay/Bi or Straight boys. Who can never get enough sex. Surprisingly this time this shoot took some surprising turns…(Read More)