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  Studio:  8teenboy Star(s):  Trevor Harris, Jace Myers Director’s Notes: New guy, Jace Myers is back and raising the bar in his second sizzling scene with twink titan,Trevor Harris. Much like everyone, Harris is hypnotized by the tall drink of water, and quickly winds up with the dude’s dick in his…(Read More)

  Studio:  8teenboy Star(s):  Keagan Case, Garrett Kinsley Director’s Notes: Wrapped up in a cozy, canoodling kiss session on the couch, Keegan Case, and Garrett Kinsley quickly get the boyfriend fires burning! The always gung-ho Case immediately goes for the gold, dropping down on the floor, and stuffing his face full of…(Read More)

  Studio:  8teenboy Star(s):  Brian Gibson, Jace Myers Director’s Notes: New boy on the block, Jace Myers comes out SWINGIN’! And, when we say swingin’…. we’re talkin’ bout that DICK! The tall, tan, twink top comes for bubble butt boy, Brian Gibson HARD, handling the experienced porn prince with big cock confidence…(Read More)

  Studio:  8teenboy Star(s):  Keagan Case, Milo Harper Director’s Notes: Keagan Case’s keys “mysteriously” go missing at Milo Harper’s place. Milo uses his massive, uncut meat to ease the tasty twink’s mind for a beasty bareback, butt bangin’ bit, before the well hung hottie hands those “conveniently” misplaced keys back…(Read More)

  Studio:  8teenboy Star(s):  Nathan James, Spencer Locke Director’s Notes: Nathan James heads over to Spencer Locke’s house for a supposed “study session.” However, once that bedroom door closes, Spencer realizes his study buddy didn’t even bring books, naughty boy Nathan’s porny plan plays out perfectly! Locke gladly goes along…(Read More)