William Higgins: Hugo Antonin fucks Andrej Opeka’s cherry hole.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Hugo Antonin, Andrej Opeka

Director’s Notes:

Andrej Opeka is such a sexy guy. He is due for a big surprise, which will be to get his cherry busted, by Hugo Antonin. Things start with Andrej sitting on the bed and answering some questions. Then he is joined by Hugo, and they follow directions and begin kissing. Hugo removes Andrej’s tee shirt and kisses his sexy chest, at the same time groping him. Then Hugo takes his cock out, which is already rock hard. Andrej leans down and takes the cock into his mouth as Hugo takes off his own tee shirt. Andrej’s hot mouth sucks the cock as Hugo thrust it deep inside. Hugo’s cock is so hard and he fucks it into Andrej’s mouth. Andrej licks and sucks that dick and kisses Hugo too. Hugo holds the back of Andrej’s head as he fucks his face and slap s his dick on the tongue. As he sucks Andrej reaches into his jeans to grope himself. Hugo gets fully naked and lays down so that Andrej can continue to suck him. His hot mouth works on the throbbing cock, sucking and licking it all over. Then Andrej moves onto his knees and lowers his jeans to give access to his big cock too. Hugo gets to work on that cock, sucking it as he cups the balls too. He wanks Andrej’s cockand sucks it deep into his mouth. Then Hugo had Andrej turn around and present his ass. He gives the ass a little spank and rubs the tight, virgin hole, spitting on it too. Then Hugo slides his dick inside, and begins to fuck. His hips work back and forth as that rampant cock stretches Andrej’s tight hole. Hugo fucks deep into that hot ass hole, pounding it hard and fast. Andrej takes it so well as the cock fills his hot hole. Hugo climbs up onto Andrej as his cock slams hard into the tight hole. The balls slap against Andrej’s ass as Hugo fucks deep. Andrej then lays on his back, legs spread wide to get that cock in his ass some more. He wanks himself hard as Hugo’s relentless fucking opens his hole. Andrej keeps wanking and shoots a nice load of squirting cum as his ass is fucked hard. As Andrej milks himself dry Hugo continues to fuck hard. Then he pulls out and dumps his cum onto Andrej’s balls. After a good hard fuck he leans over to kiss Andrej again.

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