Straight Fraternity: Bound up cutie Milo gets his first rim job.


Studio:  Straight Fraternity

Star(s):  Milo 

Director’s Notes:

While I get something from the other room, 19-year-old Milo discovers my ankle restraints. He tries them on while he reveals that he’s about to be a new dad. I get him to strip while he talks more about his girl and tells me his stats. I help Milo into the wrist restraints, and he puts on the ankle cuffs. When he says there’s no way I’ll string him up, I psyche him out by running a rope through a bolt in the ceiling. I blindfold him and clip his wrists together. ThenI rub Milo’s torso and for a second he struggles. I tie his ankles to the legs of the couch, then start sucking his cock. Since he’s stopped resisting, I tilt the couch back and slide Milo’s butt forward so I can get at his ass. I suck Milo’s dick then untie the ankle ropes and put his feet up on the couch. I blow him some more, then give him his first rim job ever. He’s into it, so I rim him in an even more vulnerable position…on all fours. I flip Milo on his back and finger his hole while I suck him. When he cums, I lick some of it off, but I don’t stop stroking. I torture his cock while he tries to fight back. Still blindfolded, he doesn’t realize his wrists are bound together by one simple clip.

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