Helix Studios: Hottie Travis Stevens blasts a huge load when Trevor Harris finger fucks his horned up hole.


Studio:  Helix Studios

Star(s):  Trevor Harris, Travis Stevens

Director’s Notes:

Travis Stevens has been a twink superstar since 2014, and remains one thanks to a rigorous workout regime that finds him in the gym several times a week. Fellow superstar, interviewer and director, Trevor Harris finds out Stevens has been working out other muscles in the gym steam room as well! The tasty Texas native tells a deliciously detailed story about his experiences, AND even dives into loosing his virginity at 16. The erotic interview doesn’t stop there though! Stevens lets it spill about his favorite scene ever filmed, a triple DP dick down with Josh Brady, and Ashton Summers! After revealing so much, the only thing left to expose is that well worked out body, which Harris handles as the cock stiffening conversation continues. Next, Trevor has the hottie bend over for an ass inspection, which Stevens thoroughly enjoys, before turning back around with a half chub on full display. With both stars working his schlong, it isn’t long before Stevens is raging hard while talking about masturbation, and Grindr. Trevor steps back for a bit to let the boy get into a gorgeous grove before ordering his legs in the air for a finger fuck. Stevens moans from the pure pleasure as Trevor plunges more thick digits inside till he’s knuckle deep….. thumb included! The incredible sensation sends Stevens sailing into ecstasy, and cum careening across his body, then splattering down onto his nipple. Harris grabs Stevens cock and milks the last drop from his dick as the camera fades on this superstars’ fire hot first ever solo!

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