William Higgins: Cuties Josef, Radek, Ivanek and Luky get into some dick sucking fun.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Luky Kolac, Ivanek Ukara, Radek Ulba, Josef Usnik

Director’s Notes:

In Wank Party #123 we have Ivanek Ukara, Josef Usnik, Radek Ulba and Luky Kolac. In this first part we find Josef and Radek watching something on a laptop as they lay on the bed. Then they look at each other and lean in so they can kiss. Radek moves the laptop and lays on Josef to kiss again. He moves down and opens Josef’s jeans to release the stiffening cock. Radek sucks on that cock and pulls down Josef’s jeans as he does so. He sucks the cock head and licks around it and then moves up to kiss Josef again. Then Radek goes back down on that stiff cock as he feels Josef’s hand on his head. Radek keeps sucking and licking that cock and then kissing Josef again. As the sucking continues Luky and Ivanek arrives too. Quickly Luky is kissing Josef as Ivanek kisses Radek. Then Luky sucks on Josef’s cock, quickly making way for Ivanek. They take turns as kissing and sucking with Josef joining in too. The three of them continue to enjoy Josef’s cock before it is left of Ivanek to suck as Radek works on Luky’s massive tool. Then everyone gets naked and they pair up for more sucking. Radek works on Josef’s dick as Luky and Ivanek suck each other. Then they move to 69 as Josef takes a turn on Radek’s dick. Swapping partners Radek lays down to be sucked by Luky and Josef’s mouth is fucked by Ivanek’s rock hard cock. Then Luky takes turns on Ivanek and Josef as his cock is sucked by Radek. Then Radek sucks Ivanek as Luky moves over to kiss Josef, setting thing up nicely for part 2.

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