Gaycest: Cutie Jonathan Maze dons a jockstrap so that hung Legrand Wolf can stuff his eager hole.


Studio:  Gaycest

Star(s):  Jonathan Maze, Legrand Wolf

Director’s Notes:

Jonathan loved being in his old man’s arms and Dr. Wolf loved almost nothing more than the feeling of his boy on his chest.

With his long arm, Dr. Wolf managed to reach down and caress Jonathan’s genitals. Running his hand back to the boy’s soft buttocks, he could feel his smooth, tight hole between his cheeks, open and eager to be loved by him.

Jonathan stroked his daddy’s big dick, feeling it swell it up until it was large enough to be sucked liked a giant lollipop. He ran his tongue over the length of the shaft, moving over its many inches down to his heavy balls.

With his cock still lubed from his hungry boy’s mouth, Wolf pushed the tip of his cock up to his hole. Jonathan trembled as he had the first time, eagerly anticipating its entry into his tiny hole.

With the older man’s massive cock, it took time for it to fill him completely, and each inch was harder than the one that came before it. But it was all he wanted. It was important to him. It made him feel loved and reminded him that he was his daddy’s boy.

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