BelAmi Online: Nikko Vangelis offers some foreplay tips before Jeremy Robbins tops Peter Annaud.


Studio:  BelAmi Online

Star(s):  Peter Annaud, Jeremy Robbins, Nikko Vangelis

Director’s Notes:

Today our director decided that it would be fun to let Jeremy and Peter plan their own home video, that way they would get to do all the things that they like best. The idea was good, but the pair just could not agree on what would be the best way to start. Luckily Niko came along at just the right moment to offer some tips and hints as to what he would like to see in a clip… which seems to be a lot of nipple play. Once the boys get started though Niko has common sense enough to retire to a corner of the room where he can watch the encounter as it unfolds, and it unfolds hot, hard and heavy with Jeremy getting to top Peter. There is lots of no holds barred fucking with Peter loving every second of it until he finally explodes with a lot of very thick and creamy cum.

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