BelAmi Online: Kieran Benning gives Christian Lundgren a pounding he won’t forget.


Studio:  BelAmi Online

Star(s):  Kieran Benning, Christian Lundgren

Director’s Notes:

We kick off our Sex Safari week with a bang today with this scene featuring Christian Lundgren and Kieran Benning. Although we don’t tend to explore fetishes too often, it goes without saying that some of our guys have specific things that really turn them on. For Christian it is feet and he finally gets his chance to act on his desire in the tub with Kieran.

Even though he has a love of feet, his true love really is getting fucked by a big, rock-hard cock and Kieran is the perfect partner to fulfill this desire as well, pounding his is ass in every position imaginable until Christian cannot hold back any longer and erupts with a huge load of sticky love.

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Click here now to check out the full scene at BelAmi Online.

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