William Higgins: Jeremy Robbins and Robin Tesarek wake up sleeping cuties Petr Sunek and Milos Dena with some oral stimulation.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Milos Dena, Jeremy Robbins, Petr Sunek, Robin Tesarek

Director’s Notes:

Wank Party #122 features Robin Tesarek, Petr Sunek, Jeremy Robbins and Milos Dena. In Part One we find Milos and Petr in bed together, sleeping. Jeremy and Robin enter the bedroom which wakes Petr and he complains that they should be quiet so that he can sleep. Robin and Jeremy want to drink and try to rouse the guys. Jeremy and Robin sit on the bed and continue to try to interest Petr in more than sleeping. They move the bed covers to reveal Petr’s stiff cock which Robin takes in his hand as he leans forward to lick and suck it. His hot mouth gets working on the rock hard cock as Jeremy rubs Petr’s chest. Then Jeremy gets to taste the cock too as he alternates with Robin in sucking. They takes turns on Petr’s cock, sucking it deep and wanking him hard. Robin licks at the balls too as they enjoy themselves. They both get bare-chested as they continue sucking and they kiss each other too. As Jeremy sucks on Petr’s dick Robin reaches over to wank Milos as well. Petr seems to be awake as he enjoys the sucking. Milos too is wide awake and Robin moves over so that he can suck on the stiff cock. Milos kisses Peter as they are both being sucked. Jeremy and Robin lower their jeans to release their own rock hard dicks. Kneeling they soon each feel a hot mouth on their cocks. Petr sucks Jeremy as Milos does the same to Robin. Jeremy fucks his cock into Petr’s mouth. Milos leans over and takes Petr’s dick into his mouth for sucking as he feels Robin sucking him. Jeremy’s hip thrust as he shoves his dick deep into Petr’s mouth. Milos wanks Petr and sucks Robin at the same time. He then kisses Robin who responds by sucking again. Jeremy goes back down on Milos’ big cock as Robin’s hot mouth works on Milos’ dick. Jeremy sucks Petr’s balls too and then Milos moves over so they can swap partners. Milos sucks Jeremy’s rigid cock as Petr works on Robin’s. They each suck hard on the big dicks setting everything up so well for some great fucking in part two.

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