Sexy Radek Cerveny does anything when caught by airport security Robin Tesarek.



Star(s):  Radek Cerveny, Robin Tesarek

Director’s Notes:

Robin Tesarek is in charge of Airport Security and he has Radek Cerveny in his cubby hole. He asks about the contents of Radek’s bag, as seemingly, there is stuff in the bag that shouldn’t be there. It seems that Radek is going to be in trouble unless they can find a way around the situation. One way is for Radek to satify Robin’s needs. Robin pulls his stiff cock out of his pants and has Radek wank it. Then he threatens him with jail if he doesn’t suck that big cock. Radek complies and takes the rock hard cock into his mouth as his head is pulled onto it. He licks the shaft too and then sucks that big cock. Robin opens his shirt and removes it as Radek keeps sucking on the stiff dick. He does a great job as the cock is fucked into his hot mouth. Robin pulls the head onto his dick as his hips thrust it into Radek’s mouth. Then Radek is made to get naked and kneel on the chair to present his ass. Robin’s dick is pushed into that ass, going deep inside, and starts to fuck. The rock hard cock stretches Radek’s tight hole as Robin fucks him. Robin holds on to Radek’s his as he thrusts the dick deep into the ass and fucks hard. As he fucks that ass Robin spanks it too. He pounds Radek’s tight hole Radek is turned over to lay on his back, legs up, to be fucked more as he wanks himself too. He takes that stiff cock in his hole and keeps wanking until his cock releases some juice. Then Robin pulls out of the hot ass and wanks his cock to unload his cum onton Radek’s cock and balls.

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