Robin Tesarek uses hot jock Alexandr Jander’s holes for his pleasure.



Star(s):  Alexandr Jander, Robin Tesarek

Director’s Notes:

Alexandr Jander is waiting for Robin Tesarek who arrives and starts to kiss him. Alexandr’s wrists are shackled in front of him as he feels Robin’s hands on his body while they kiss each other. Alexandr opens Robin’s jeans, eager to get at his cock. He pulls the dick out of the jeans and wanks on it. Robin releases Alexandr’s shackles and is rewarded by having his rock hard cock sucked. On his knees Alexandr has that big cock fucked hard into his mouth as he sucks. His head bobs on that big cock as he enjoys it. Then Robin pound his dick as hard as he can into the eager mouth. Alexandr worships that huge erection, sucking and licking it and taking it down his throat. But that is not enough, he wants to feel it in his ass. Bending over he presents the ass and soon feels the rampant cock deep inside him. Robin fucks that hot hole, balls deep, as he thrusts hard into hit. He spanks ALexandr’s ass too as he fucks him. The big cock stretches Alexandr’s hole wide apart as it pounds deep inside. Sitting in the chair Alexandr’s own dick is rock hard as it is held back between his legs by the seat. His ass is fucked so hard by the thrusting cock. Then Alexandr is on his back wanking himself as he hot hole takes more hard fucking. That deep fucking set’s Alexandr’s cock throbbing and he shoots his creamy load. He milks his cock dry as Robin continues to fuck him. Then Alexandr is turned over and fucked more by the big cock. Robin keeps fucking until he cums deep inside that hot hole. He pulls out and inspects the hole, fingering it too.

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