Cutie Josef Usnik gets bound and gagged by Dom Luky Kolac.



Star(s):  Luky Kolac, Josef Usnik

Director’s Notes:

Josef Usnik is kneeling on a chair, his ass bared in a jocksrap. His wrists and ankles are shacled and he has a ball-gag in his mouth too. Luk Kolac arrives and starts to spann the ass, spreading the cheeks wide too . He rubs the hairy hole and pushes a finger into it as Josef writhes against his s=restraint. Luky spanks the ass and fingers the hole as well as reaching down to grope Josef. He kisses the ass too and then uses a riding crop on it. He slaps the feet with the crop too and returns to fingering the hot hole as he gropes himself. That finger goes deep into Josef’s hole and Luky drips some oil into it. He has a toy which he pushes into that ass hole and he fucks it deep. The hole is opend up nicely by the toy as it it fucked in and out. That hole takes it well and soon Luky wants more. He gets naked and shoves his dick into Josef’s mouth for sucking. That big dick gets hard as Josef sucks on it. Luky fucks it into the mouth for a while. Then Luky moves to that ass and slides his rock hard cock deep inside. He fucks that hot ass hole hard and fast, spanking it too. The ass cheeks redden as they are spanked as the big cock fucks hard into the hole. Luky pounds that hole and then moves Josef so that his ass is high in the air as it is fucked.

The big cock stretches that hole as Luky fucks deep inside. Pulling out he turns around and shoves his dick in again to fuck balls deep into that hole. Josef is moved again, onto his back and he wanks himself to a cumshot as that big cock fucks him more. Luky keeps fucking hard until he is ready to cum. Then he pulls out and shoots his hot load all over Josef before leaning forward to kiss him.

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