Staxus: Totally horned up from the pandemic distancing, Joel Tamir gets DP by Nick Fox and Danny Jones.


Studio:  Staxus

Star(s):  Nick Fox, Danny Jones, Joel Tamir

Director’s Notes:

Danny’s lockdown appears to have been quite boring, watching the days go by till he can see his friends again. It’s really no surprise that in no time, Danny is in the middle of both boys with Joels cock in his mouth and Nick sucking him off! It’s not long now before Danny and Nick are rimming Joels hole, in anticipation of the pleasure he’s soon going to be experiencing as whilst Nick is fucking him, Danny is sucking on Joels meaty shaft! But there is more stuffing action still to come as Joel rides on both their dicks simultaneously!


Click here now to check out the full scene at Staxus.

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