Helix Studios: Trevor Harris gives Devin Holt a very prodding interview.


Studio:  Helix Studios

Star(s):  Devin Holt

Director’s Notes:

Trevor Harris steals new guy, Devin Holt away from the set of his first movie for some one on one time, so we can get to know the future superstar. With workouts three times a week, and a clean cut, classically handsome look, this Texas twink is ready to take the porn world by storm! Adorably shy one attitude, yet forthcoming, Devin shares his first time fist story before stripping down to his skivvies. The well packed briefs bulge with promise, and soon enough, Holt AND Harris are handling the hottie’s giant, uncut cock. Trevor can’t resist tearing into the twink’s tight tush, as he gives the new guy a thorough ass inspection. Harris heats up Holt’s hole with a few fingers and a few light spankings, then plays with the boy’s thickening dick through his legs. When Devin turns back around, his flag has completely unfurled and it is glorious. The guys take turns jacking the giant jock; then, Harris heads back to that hole, leaving Devin with his hands full. As Holt sits spread eagle, the pair work together, bringing the beautiful boy to the brink of ecstasy. Harris quickens his pace, and the pleasure surges, causing dicktastic Devin’s uncut dong to detonate, and cover his tight twink torso with a luscious load of leche’.

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