Freshmen: Hotties Jordan Paris and Pip Caulfield have and wet and sticky fuck.


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Pip Caulfield, Jordan Faris

Director’s Notes:

Pip is our connoisseur of cock, our devotee of dick, our maven of manhood. Others in our entourage might equal or surpass Pip in their love for huge dicks, none surpass Pip’s love for ALL dicks large and small. Whether it’s fondling, sucking, or getting fucked- Pip can’t get enough and he shows us that in every scene. This scene begins with Pip appreciating Jordan Faris’ ample phallus in the shower. This scene is more romantic love making than frenetic fucking as we enjoy Pip savoring Jordan’s dick like a Sommelier enjoying a vintage Chateau Lafleur.

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