Blake Mason: What a hot flip flop with cute Adam Awbridge and sexy Koby Lewis!


Studio:  Blake Mason

Star(s):  Adam Awbride, Koby Lewis

Director’s Notes:

Californian boy Adam is new, and we knew we needed to team him up with the right guy for his first on screen fuck for us. We picked the right guy in muscled lad Koby! The chemistry is there from the start, with the two sensually kissing, groping and sucking each other with equal greed. The boys take things slow when it comes to fucking, but they’re both gonna get exactly what they need while they take turns to bottom. Koby loves getting fucked, but he’s soon returning the favor and rhythmically thrusting up into out new boy and slowly taking them both to a cum spurting jack off. When cocks spew in unison you know it worked out well.


Click here now to check out the full scene at Blake Mason.

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