Badpuppy: Jay Seabrook has some pandemic self-love.


Studio:  Badpuppy

Star(s):  Jay Seabrook

Director’s Notes:

With production still shuttered here in the USA, Jay Seabrook pulled out his camera and shot a video of himself taking on one of his favorite toys. Jay is a hot, young Latin man with beautiful bronzed skin, a perfectly sculpted body, and a smile that would win over just about anybody. After introducing himself, Jay drops his towel revealing an already aroused uncut cock, and then we cut to Jay getting right down to business on his favorite life-sized silicone cock. After showing us a closeup of what it looks like to slide into his tight manhole, Jay continues his self sexploration back on his bed. He lubes up his thick piece of meat and begins stroking. His free hand is teasing his asshole when he grabs the bottle of lube again and applies an ample amount. Jay pulls his legs back and begins pushing his fingers in and out of his tight hole. He, again, grabs his favorite dildo, and slowly works it back inside his ass. Once he gets his rhythm, Jays starts working his toy faster and father. Between the dildo and his stroking Jay is soon ready to blow. He jacks his cock even more quickly, and with a loud moan, this LatinX hottie, Jay, dumps a thick load of jizz all over himself and ends with that smile of his.

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