William Higgins: With the help of Ben Stolar, Hugo Antonin gives Ivan Jurdan and Andrej Opeka a full examination.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Hugo Antonin, Ivan Jurdan, Andrej Opeka, Ben Stolar

Director’s Notes:

Wank Party #120 features Ivan Jurdan, Hugo Antonin, Andrej Opeka and Ben Stolar. In this first part we join Ben and Hugo in the examination room. It seems there are two guys waiting who have some symptoms of illness. Andrej and Ivan come into the room and Hugo determines that they must have a full examination. All are wearing masks but as Andrej and Ivan strip to their underwear they remove the masks too. Hugo begins to examine Andrej as Ban makes nots. He checkes Andrej’s body and looks in his mouth, then Hugo moves over the examine Ivan. They are then instruected to remove their underwear so their balls can be checked. Hugo does that, feeling both sets of nuts, payying particular attention to Ivan’s as his big, soft, cock hands down, seeming to get a little hard. Then the patients kneel on the table, presenting their asses for inspection. A finger is pushed into Andrej’s tight hole and Hugo fucks it in and out. Two fingers are pushed into that hole opening it wide as they fuck in and out. Oil is applied to the hole as one finger is used again. Hugo is very interested in that hole and again pushes two fingers deep inside. Then he moves over to Ivan to check his ass hole too. The hole is lubed and Hugo starts to finger it. The hairy hole takes the finger well as it is fucked in and out. With the hole loosened Hugo soon pushes two fingers inside. He fucks that hole with those fingers as Ivan grimaces. Meanwhile Ben is playing with Andrej’s ass and also wanking him. Ben’s dick gets hard as Ben wanks it. Then Ivan and Ben move from the table to kneel on the floor. Hugo and Ben open their pants and pull out their stiff cocks. Ivan sucks o Hugo’s rock hard cock and also his balls. Andrej’s mouth is working Ben’s stiff dick at the same time. He sucks hard on Ben’s cock as Ivan lick and sucks Hugo’s balls. Then Ivan returns to sucking on that rock hard cock. Ben then moves over to suck on Hugp’s stiff cock as Ivan kneel’s on a chair so that Ben can lick his hairy ass hole.

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