Spritzz: Pyotr Tomek drills Lukas Watkins.


Studio:  Spritzz

Star(s):  Pyotr Tomek, Lukas Watkins

Director’s Notes:

Lukas might not be impressed by his buddy Pyotr quitting his job, but at least it gives them time to share their hard young cocks together. Lukas is soon doing exactly that, sucking on Pyotr’s leaking boner and giving the handsome boy his own juicy tool to slurp. His pale little ass is so tasty Pyotr can’t resist getting his tongue between those cheeks, but as soon as his hole is wet enough he’s easing his bare inches inside and putting his shaft to work in Lukas’ butt. Fucked on his side and on his back handsome Lukas gets a shower of spunk from his tanned young friend before Pyotr helps him stroke his own sticky goo from his tool.

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