Southern Strokes: Sexy Craig Keller drills opposing player Robbie Dane.


Studio:  Southern Strokes

Star(s):  Robbie Dane, Craig Keller

Director’s Notes:

The big game is tomorrow, and Craig Keller and Robbie Dane, from opposing teams, are supposed to be training with their teammates. Little do their coaches know that Craig and Robbie are training for a game of their own. It’s a game where both will shoot and score. After a make-out session to warm up, Craig goes down on Robbie, who eagerly returns the favor. But what he wants most is Craig’s big uncut cock up his ass. After sucking Craig only long enough to slobber drool all over his throbbing shaft, Robbie takes Craig for a ride, using him as a human dildo. There is no one clear winner in this game because both score big points as they fuck bareback. Craig fucks the cum out of Robbie then oozes out a load of his own. So? What about you? Let’s play!

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