Broke Straight Boys: Check out Richie West’s quarantine morning routine…workout, jerk and shower.


Studio:  Broke Straight Boys

Star(s):  Richie West

Director’s Notes:

While Richie West has been in quarantine, he’s been keeping himself busy by painting and exploring his artistic side, watching TV shows, and exercising at home. Richie knows that it’s important to keep his body in peak condition for you, so he’s been taking good care of himself and is ready to show off his moves…naked. Richie strips down and moves over to his workout mat, eagerly showing off some exercises that don’t require equipment. Of course, that means all the focus is on his lean, muscled body as he maneuvers it in different positions.

Once he’s finished working out his body, he makes sure to work out his cock next! Relaxing on the couch, he plays with himself, stroking his dick and fingering his ass as he puts every inch of himself on display for you. He slaps his hard shaft against the leather couch and kneels up on it, jerking his dick until he shoots a nice big load all over. The last treat he has for you is letting you watch as he showers himself off, the warm water running in rivers down his smooth skin as he cleans himself then calls it a night!


Click here now to check out the full scene at Broke Straight Boys.

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