’s Drill My Hole: Collin Simpson catches pranking step-brother Theo Brady.


Studio: Drill My Hole

Star(s):  Theo Brady, Collin Simpson

Director’s Notes:

Ever since his new stepbrother Collin Simpson moved in, Theo Brady has pranked him relentlessly, and this will be the best goof yet as he prepares to secretly stay in Collin’s room all night long. Theo is shocked to find a suggestive pic of himself in his stepbro’s bedside table before he hides in Collin’s closet. Collin takes a post-gym selfie and then lies down on the bed to jack off, until he notices Theo recording him! Collin has Theo suck his cock, then makes the bottom beg for him to eat his ass. The prankster is now at his prankee’s mercy as Collin pounds Theo’s ass till he cums, then makes Theo swallow his jizz.

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