Guys in Sweatpants: Michael Jackman’s huge load leaks out of Andy Taylor’s used hole.


Studio:  Guys in Sweatpants

Star(s):  Michael Jackman, Andy Taylor

Director’s Notes:

“The best dick I’ve had in awhile,” Andy says as we’re hiking up a mountain with some of Michael’s load still in him. The last time we saw Andy, he was putting some good use to a nice hole, but now he’s getting his beautiful, smooth hole worked on by Michael’s tongue and thick cock. You can tell how much Michael loves that hole from how he eats it. Eager to have him inside, Andy wets his hole with both of their spit, then lets Michael slide his cock in. He plays with the hole with just the head before slowly sliding all 8″ in and treating the hole like a nice hole should be treated. It’s always hot as fuck watching a rock hard bottom ride the load out of his top’s throbbing cock, and Andy doesn’t disappoint us!


Click here now to check out the full scene at Guys in Sweatpants.

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