Gaycest: Cute and shy Mark Winters enjoys the pleasures that he gets from Anthony Divino’s massage.


Studio:  Gaycest

Star(s):  Anthony Divino, Mark Winters

Director’s Notes:

Mr. Divino led Mark into the massage room, excited to see the trust and desire he had for him. He knew Mark would do anything for him and do everything he asked. That receptiveness made his cock begin to swell, knowing that the boy was his. But what sealed the deal was seeing Mark’s ass pour out of his jock strap.

Laying him down on the soft massage bed, Mr. Divino took his time navigating Mark’s soft, smooth backside. Caressing his back and buttocks, he could feel every muscle in the boy’s body relax and unwind, melting away beneath his experienced fingertips.

Mark’s gentle moans of relief were like music to his uncle’s ears, causing his cock to grow even harder in his jockstrap. Mark could feel his own bulge growing as he knelt beside him, distracting the boy as his mouth watered to taste it.

Mark’s shyness pervaded him as he trembled, still unsure of what he could ask for. But in a moment of bravery and desire, he looked back at his uncle’s massive bulge, begging to be touched. Mr. Divino smiled and nodded, pulling out his thick, throbbing member for the boy to gaze upon. Mark was infatuated with and mesmerized by the enormous cock, desperate to feel it in his mouth again…

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