Colby Knox: Couple Mickey Knox and Colby Chambers use cutie Logan Cross and their sex toy.


Studio:  Colby Knox

Star(s):  Colby Chambers, Logan Cross, Mickey Knox

Director’s Notes:

In this weeks new video release from ColbyKnox, returning favorite Logan Cross!!! Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox have a long standing history with Logan Cross so as in most the videos from this studio, the chemistry is right on point!!! Logan Cross is a hungry little bottom in this one (not that that is any different from most of his videos here) but on this particular night, Logan goes full sub!!! Totally surrendering his smooth muscular physique and tight hungry boy hole!!! Of course Colby and Mickey are always quick to RISE to a challenge, the two of them slap, spank, pumping and fucking away at Logan until they all erupt in some delightful warm gooey loads of man juice!!! Enjoy!!!


Click here now to check out the full scene at Colby Knox.

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