Cocky Boys: Tayte Hanson shares how is coping with the pandemic. Enjoy the added scene of Tayte with Lucas Champagne.


Studio:  Cocky Boys

Star(s):  Lucas Champagne, Tayte Hanson

Director’s Notes:

In this feel-good erotic doc Tayte Hanson shows you how he copes in his own inimitably upbeat and forward-looking way during these days of staying home & staying safe. You’ll see how he has elevated his level of self-pleasure AND a BIG bonus he offers up a beautifully hot encounter with Lucas Champagne from his exclusive OnlyFans site!

Tayte shares his thoughts on life under at-home orders and exploring the universal need to give ourselves pleasure. But Tayte then shows you. He starts in a slow, sensual shower and runs his hands over his taut muscular body as foreplay. In time he smoothly moves to stroke his rigid cock, building up speed and intensity as he gets into position to give himself a facial!

Tayte opens up about his self-filmed encounters with Lucas Champagne which preceded his Cocky Boys debut. Lucas’ innate desire to serve is illustrated by his hungry cocksucking and offering up his hole. Tayte proceeds to power fuck Lucas condom-free every which way he likes until he fucks a load out of him. And Tayte finishes him off by cumming over his ass and fucking it back into him.

At then end Tayte offers up some optimistic thoughts about a hopeful future…and sends love, Yes, there will be more Tayte scenes ahead!


Click here now to check out the full scene at Cocky Boys.

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