BelAmi Online: Muscular stud Roald Ekberg warms up cold cutie Bastian Dufy.


Studio:  BelAmi Online

Star(s):  Bastian Dufy, Roald Ekberg

Director’s Notes:

2 months ago Roald was our cover boy for ‘Summer Loves’ and he returns today to take the lead in our first hardcore scene this week with buddy Bastian Dufy. Filming at the Castello can sometimes be tricky, and this year the team were plagued by frequent rain and leaving a lot of bored boys with nothing to do. Thankfully our KA team have a knack of being able to relieve boredom even at the worst time, and son come up with the idea that locking Bastian outside would be a lot of fun, of course, without his pants. Lucky for him Roald takes pity on him and decides that he knows just the thing to help Bastian warm up; a bit hot cock up his ass shopuld do the trick just nicely. In the end, it seems that the trick is on Kevin and Adam after all.

Don’t miss the hot video preview below! Click here to jump there now!


Click here now to check out the full scene at BelAmi Online.

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