BelAmi Online: Hung Hoyt Kogan drills sexy Gino Mosca.


Studio:  BelAmi Online

Star(s):  Hoyt Kogan, Gino Mosca

Director’s Notes:

We all know that Hoyt normally likes to take the lead in sex, but today it is definitely Gino setting the pace; not in a bossy or domineering way, but by gently guiding his partner into giving him exactly what he wants. As you all know, Gino moved on from shooting porn a while ago, so this is one of the scenes that we have been holding onto for special occassions. It is no surprise that both of these guys have a mountain of fans. Apart from being extremely good looking, they are both performers of the highest calibre and that shows through in today’s scene. It would be hard to pick one of the guys as the best in this scene as Hoyt is a great top, but Gino an equally excellent bottom. Maybe you can do better than us and tell us who was your favorite in today’s scene.

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