BelAmi Online: Adam Archuleta gets his way and has a sensual fuck with Pip Caulfield.


Studio:  BelAmi Online

Star(s):  Adam Archuleta, Pip Caulfield

Director’s Notes:

In this seaon of Jambo Africa you will notice that Adam has a new toy, his drone, and his eagerness to be flying it all the time. Unfortunately his eagerness to fly his drone has not improved his ability to remember to save the footage and about half the time he manages to delete it by mistake. Even though we have no drone footage here, we still get the pleasur of seeing Pip playing around in the pool for a while before the action begins. In today’s scene we see a little gentler side of Pip, normally his love of cock drives him into a bit of a dick frenzy, but here he manages to keep a romantic and sensual pace… most of the time. While we may have had more voracious bottoms in the past, Pip has to be a true contender for the title of ‘Lover of Dick’ as the ecstacy is written on his face every second of this fuck.

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