William Higgins: Sexy Alan Pekny gets his hair and more messed up by muscular Martin Hovor.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Marin Hovor, Alan Pekny

Director’s Notes:

Alan Pekny is dressing his hair when Martin Hovor arrives. Martin apologises for being late and then starts to admire just how handsome Alan is. He kisses him and feels the sexy body. In fact Martin is feeling so horny that he soon gropes Alans shorts too. He slips a hand into the shorts as Alan responds by groping Martin’s jeans. Then Alan’s shorts are lowered to release his stiffening cock. Martin goes down on his knees to suck on that cock as Alan stands and enjoys it. He runs a hand over his sexy body as Martin’s eager mouth works on his dick. Martin keeps wanking and sucking on Alan’s stiff cock. Then he pushes Alan down on the bed and lays over him as they kiss some more. Martin is naked too, and his cock is rock hard as he kisses his way down Alan’s body. His mouth soon evvelops the cock again and sucks on it. Alan rubs his hot body as he enjoys the attention being given to his cock. Martin is so horny though and his mind turns to more. So he has Alan turn over onto his knees. That presents the sexy ass for Martin to rim. His tongue laps at the hot hole and he rubs his fingers over it too. Martin wants to fuck though and they move to spoon so that his big dick can fill the waiting hole. Martin’s dick slides deep into Alan’s ass and starts to fuck hard. That big cock fills the hole and pounds as hard as it can as Alan takes hold of his own dick and begins to wank. Martin’s huge cock fucks deep into the ass, pulling out and sliding all the way in again. He pounds the hot ass as hard as he can while Alan keeps moaning and wanking. Alan’s ass hole takes the huge dick so well and Martin bangs away at it, forcingthe cum to shoot from Alan’s cock. Alan shoots the cum and milks himself dry. Then he goes on his knees to be fucked from behind. Martin’s cock stretches the hole wide as he continues his penetrating fucking. He keeps going until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out to shoot his hot cream ovver Alan’s hot ass. Then Alan goes up on his knees so they can kiss again.

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