William Higgins: Blindfolded Pavel Sora gets worshipped by sexy Igor Uran, Milos Dena and Peto Mohac.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Milos Dena, Peto Mohac, Pavel Sora, Igor Uran

Director’s Notes:

Wank Party #119 features Pavel Sora, Milos Dena, Peto Mohac and Igor Uran. In this first part Peto, Milos and Igor lead Pavel into the room as his eyes are blindfolded. They feel over his body, lifting his tee shirt. and soon lower his jeans too to release his big cock. Peto drops to his knees and sucks on that cock which gets rock hard. Igor joins in the sucking too. Then Peto takes another turn on the cock, alternating with Igor as Milos rubs his hands over Pavel’s hot body. He gives Pavel’s ass a slap or too as well. Milos also kisses that sexy chest then he goes down on his knees with the others. He gets to suck that big cock too as he really joins in the fun. Pavel’s dick is rock hard from all the attention the guys are giving it. He rubs his chest as they guys take turns on his cock and rub his big balls. The guys then stand up and start to strip off too. Soon they are all naked with Milos dick rock hard already. Peto is hard too as he lays back on the bed for Igor to suck him. Milos lays down too and Pavel, with the blindfold removed, goes down on him. Peto pushes Igor’s head down on his cock as he fucks into the mouth. Pavel’s hot mouth works hard in Milos’ cock too. Then it is all switched around as Pavel lays down for Milos to suck him again. Meanwhile Igor swaps places with Peto who is keen to suck him as well. Peto’s hand is wrapped around the rock hard cock as he sucks on it with Milos still sucking on Pavel. Then Igor sits up and kisses Peto while Pavel kisses Milos. In fat they all kiss each other before Milos lays back for Peto to suck him. Igor kneels and feels Milos’ mouth on his cock too. Then Peto leans over to suck Pavel again. Milos turns his head and sucks Pavel again as Igor does the same to him. Then Igor stands for Peto to enjoy his cock. Milos wanks Pavel’s dick and sucks it more as Peto leans back with his cock standing proud for Igor to suck.

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