TwinkTop: Sexy twock Felix Maze drills daddy Dallas Steele.


Studio:  TwinkTop

Star(s):  Felix Maze, Dallas Steele

Director’s Notes:

Felix walked into his bathroom while he was shaving, catching him standing there in his white briefs. He’d mentioned to his staff that his bathroom was free to use if the main showers were ever busy, but he was surprised to see one of his campers standing before him! He was thrilled to see that young Felix must have heard about his offer through the grapevine.

He eyed his body as the water ran over his smooth skin, dripping down over his exposed cock. He saw Felix looking back at him, similarly at the director’s muscles and bulge. He could practically taste the tension between them. Days of stolen glances and careful flirting, and now they were locked in a seductive staring contest…

Director Steele asked if he could join him, an offer that made Felix’s cock visibly get harder in the warm stream of water. Steele stripped off his underwear and got in with his young colleague, feeling his smooth body press against his.

Felix kissed him, grabbing at his cock and stroking him as he took control of their shower session. The two men worship each other’s bodies; licking each other’s pits and muscles, and embracing their masculine features as their cocks grow harder.

Felix kneels down to feel the big man’s ass, kissing his cheeks before tongue-fucking his hole. Steele leans up against the wall, offering up his ass to the horny young man, desperate to feel him fuck him hard and deep!

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