TwinkTop: Jock Tom Bentley drills hunk Robles.


Studio:  TwinkTop

Star(s):  Tom Bentley, Robles

Director’s Notes:

Tom entered the room with all the swagger and confidence of a true alpha. As a seasoned athlete, he was used to getting what he wanted. And walking in, seeing the handsome, scruffy-faced talent agent looking up at him with eager eyes, he knew he was calling the shots.

Tom leaned in to kiss him, knowing that Robles was desperate to feel his lips press against his own. The kiss was enough to set off his own cock, getting it rock hard and ready to play! But more than a desire to fuck, he wanted to feel the powerful jock dominate him and fuck him hard.

Taking out his cock, Tom watched as the handsome daddy swallowed his massive, monster cock to the back of his throat. Tom flipped him over to pull down his underwear, getting his first look at the older man’s beautiful, round, furry ass.

Tom ran his tongue along the agent’s crack, devouring the handsome man’s hole, watching him lose himself in the sensation of being rimmed by a younger man. He saw Tom’s determination and focus, making his heart beat faster as he knew what was about to happen.

Tom pulled his tongue away, leaning up to place his cock against the man’s hole. Tom looked in the older man’s eyes, seeing him beg to be penetrated and fucked! And with a gentle, firm push, Tom slid himself inside, breaking through his sphincter and making his dreams come true…

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