’s Drill My Hole: Sexy Zane Williams drills his brother’s boyfriend Theo Brady.


Studio: Drill My Hole

Star(s):  Theo Brady, Zane Williams

Director’s Notes:

Theo Brady is ready to break up with his boyfriend Michael because he’s always too busy working to fuck him, but when he gets to his place, Michael’s brother Zane Williams says he’s at work! Zane offers a sympathetic ear, and when he hears about Theo’s sexual frustrations, he offers a sympathetic boner too. Theo sucks that big dick and Zane fucks the bottom’s face before pounding his ass piledriver and doggystyle. Theo rides Zane’s cock till he shoots a huge load, and Zane jizzes all over Theo’s balls. The bottom goes to wait for Michael to get home… but first he gets pulled into the bedroom of another brother!

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