Freshmen: Cute jock Bart Cuban moans in pleasure with each deep thrust from hung Nate Donaghy.


Studio:  Freshmen

Star(s):  Bart Cuban, Nate Donaghy

Director’s Notes:

Our second scene for this Freshmen edition was filmed on a rainy Slovakian day and features dark haired Beauties Nate Donaghy and Bart Cuban. When Nate was previously in our Bratislava studio, he caused some consternation in our comments section by engaging in his morning ritual of coffee and a cigarette. This time, he agreed to forego those pleasures in exchange for the pleasure of fucking Bart. As is customary of director Lukas Ridgeston’s work, this scene has less edits and focuses more on the subtleties of love making – the tender looks, the slow undressing and the building of sexual tension. The result is a romantic and sensual encounter that befits the dark and lustful looks of both models. The sex naturally flows from careful and gentle to fast and passionate and builds to the point where Bart can no longer hold it- shooting a very thick and creamy load while Nate is still deep inside him.

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