Boy Napped: Master Kane gets Casper Ivarsson suspended for some intense pain.


Studio:  Boy Napped

Star(s):  Casper Ivarsson, Sebastian Kane

Director’s Notes:

Casper is slowly realizing that he might have gotten himself into something he wasn’t prepared for, but this sexy young man isn’t the kind of boy to give up. Master ropes up his ankles, using a wooden bar to part his feet before hanging him from the rafters. After the flogging and pinwheel pain of the first round the boy might be wondering what’s next, but the appearance of painful pegs and some nipple clamps soon answers that question. Even the boy’s cock and balls are treated to the painful punishment, the pegs ripped off when there’s enough of them to cause the kind of agony Master Kane likes. Casper cries out, red welts all over his bare skin, but it’s not over for the young man yet. Stripped naked and made to wait, he can only imagine what might be next.


Click here now to check out the full scene at Boy Napped.

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