BelAmi Online: Justin Saradon and Jordan Faris definitely enjoy their beautiful retreat in Cape Town!


Studio:  BelAmi Online

Star(s):  Jordan Faris, Justin Saradon

Director’s Notes:

When filming in Cape Town we tend to return to the same places each year where the owners know us and are happy for us to film in their beautiful houses. That means some of the locations become very familiar to us as viewers, but still manage to surprise and inspire the boys, who are often seeing them for the very first time. Today we join Justin and Jordan as they prepare to head down to the beach to catch some sun and have some fun, but get a bit distracted while having a shower beforehand. We think it was fairly inevitable though when you put a boy with an ass as beautiful as Justin’s naked in a shower with a boy with a cock as delicious as Jordan’s. Luckily the days are long in South Africa and there is still plenty of beach time left after a passionate round of love making, although we suspect that their energy was all used up fucking and they spent their time only improving their tans.

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