William Higgins: Patrik Holan gets his cherry popped by Alexandr Jander before they flip to make Alexandr a creamy mess.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Patrik Holan, Alexandr Jander

Director’s Notes:

Patrik Holan is a cute newcomer who gets his cherry busted by Alexandr Jander. But he not only has that pleasure, Patrik then gets to fucked Alexandr’s hot ass too. They start off by kissing when Alexandr joins Patrik on the bed. He strips the tee shirt from Patrik and lays him down as they kiss some more and feel each other all over. Then Patrik’s pants come off and as he starts to wank himself he feels Alexandr’s mouth slide over his cock and begin to suck. That cock grows hard in Alexandr’s mouth as he sucks it so well. Alexandr’s hot mouth works that cock so well as he also rubs Patrik’s big balls. He licks up and down the fat shaft and over the head as well as deep throating that huge cock. Then Alexandr pulls his pants off and stands before Patrik to have his cock sucked. He is soon fucking his cock into Patrik’s eager mouth. Patrik shows that he can suck well and then his mouth pulls on Alexandr’s big balls too. Alexandr’s cock fucks deep into Patrik’s mouth and then he stands as the hot mouth works all over the dick. They kiss again and swap roles as Patrik stands for Alexandr to work on his cock again. That is one huge cock and Alexander takes it deep into his mouth. He licks the fat shaft as sucks hard on the cock. Then Alexandr lays Patrik on the bed and lifts his legs to rim his hot ass hole. The tongue laps at Patrik’s tight hole as the ass cheeks are spread wide. Then Alexandr presents his cock to that hot hole and starts to push inside. His dick slips deep into Patrik’s tight hole and starts to fuck deeply. Patrik takes the cock so well as his ass is pounded hard. Alexandr pulls out and then slides his rock hard dick all the way back inside again. He fucks hard into the virgin hole, ensuring that his big cock goes all the way. He again pulls out and then shoves that cock all the way in again to fuck some more. Then Alexandr decides he wants some cock too and they swap positions. Patrik’s huge dick stretches Alexandr’s hole as it slides deep inside and starts to fuck. The thrusting hips ensure that cock really works Alexandr’s hole as he wanks himself. He is fucked deep and hard as his own cock is rock hard. Patrik fucks so hard into Alexandr’s hole and he soon has his friend shooting the hot cum all over his belly. Alexandr milks the cum from his dick as his hole takes the cock deep inside. Patrik keeps up his fucking until he is ready to cum. Then he pulls out to shoot a huge load all over Alexandr’s hot body. Patrik milks himself dry before leaning over to kiss Alexandr again.

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