William Higgins: Dr. Ivanek Ukara tests Peto Mohac’s ejaculation ability during this intense physical.


Studio:  William Higgins

Star(s):  Peto Mohac, Ivanek Ukara

Director’s Notes:

Peto Mohac is visiting Dr Ivanek Ukara, due to some pain in his shoulders. Ivanek decides to massage the affected area, so Peto removes his tee shirt and he sits on the table. Ivanek begins to massage the right shoulder and bicep. Then he moves over to do the other shoulder and bicep. He uses oil as he massages Petro, working up his neck as well. Ivanek lets his hands move onto Peto’s hot chest too as he works. The hands actually gently caress rather than massage. Ivanek is clearly enjoying his patient’s hot body. Peto lays on his back so that Ivanek can massage that sexy chest. His hands run all over the torso and arms., rubbing Peto’s nipples too. As he works Ivanek notices that Peto’s jeans seem to be moving up and down. A closer inspection exposes Peto’s hard cock. Ivanek takes hold of it and then he begins to lick and suck it. Peto’s cock is so hard as the hot tongue and mouth works on it. Peto reaches for Ivanek to feel his arms as the hot mouth sucks the big cock. Ivanek kisses Peto’s chest too and then his mouth before helping him off with his jeans. He strips himself too and then climbs over Peto so they can 69. Peto sucks on Ivanek’s hot cock as his own is sucked too. Peto’s hands spread Ivanek’s ass, showing his hot hole too. Then Ivanek sits sexy eager hole down on Peto’s rock hard cock. He rides up and down on the cock, taking it deep into his hole. Peto’s hips thrust as he fucks up into Ivanek’s ass. That cock works the hole so well and they move to spoon. Ivanek wanks himself as Peto pounds his ass as hard as he can. That big cock slams in and out of Ivanek’s hole as he wanks until he shoots his hot cum. Peto continues to fuck that ass as cum drips from Ivanek’s cock . Then Peto pulls out of that ass and untoads his cum too, wanking his cock to release every last drop. Then he leans over to kiss his doctor.

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