’s Drill My Hole: Zak Bishop doesn’t give up easily on getting into Jack Hunter’s pants.


Studio: Drill My Hole

Star(s):  Zak Bishop, Jack Hunter

Director’s Notes:

When Jack Hunter finds out his hookup, Zak Bishop, doesn’t fuck on the first date, he ghosts him, but Zak doesn’t give up that easily. He spots Jack running and follows him back to his place, peeking in the window as Jack strips off his sweaty clothes and settles in for a stroke sesh with his pocket ass. Jack catches Zak watching him and pulls him inside, where the peeping Zak starts sucking the top’s cock. Jack sucks Zak before the bottom rides Jack’s hard dick and takes it nice and deep in piledriver. Zak begs for more as Jack fucks him in doggystyle and then makes him cum hard in mish, but after Jack pulls out and cums, he’s surprised to find that he’s the one wanting more!

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