’s Drill My Hole: Kyle Connors makes more than just a quick visit to the bar that his boyfriend Nic Sahara works at.


Studio: Drill My Hole

Star(s):  Kyle Connors, Nic Sahara

Director’s Notes:

Everyone else has gone home, and Nic Sahara is cleaning up at the bar when his boyfriend Kyle Connors knocks on the door. Kyle just dropped in to say hi, but Nic wants to do a lot more than that, because he’s super horny and they’ve got the place to themselves! Nic sucks Kyle’s cock, then gets into a Go-Go cage and lets his man deepthroat him through the bars. Kyle bends over and backs his tight hole onto Nic’s dick before Nic cums outta his cage and bends Kyle over the bench to do him just fine. Kyle goes heels over head to get fucked in piledriver till he cums, then Nic shoots his load all over Kyle’s hole.

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Click here now to check out the full scene at Drill My Hole.

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